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Moving to remote working can be daunting for any organization, presenting the challenge of preserving productivity while keeping the network safe. At Pasadena Business Phone Systems, our comprehensive VPN access system allows exceptional home internet connectivity which is paired with wireless backup solutions and unified communications to protect your network. With these protective measures in place, any potential threats are able to be identified quickly, enabling employees to remain productive and continue their work reliably outside of the office. Our VPN access system allows organizations to seamlessly establish a connection that they can trust, no matter where their employees are situated. When teamed with our efficient technical assistance, organizations can make moves towards successful remote working every day.

Remote Access VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Manage and protect every device in your environment.

In today’s digital age, businesses must stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with rapid changes and adapting to new technology. With Pasadena Business Phone Systems’ innovative telecommunications platform, organizations can equip their virtual workforce with the tools to operate in a secure environment from multiple locations. Our sophisticated technological infrastructure comes complete with advanced security features and functionality to safeguard sensitive data. No longer will businesses have to worry about potential risks- our system brings peace of mind that your personnel and private information is always secure. With an emphasis on revolutionizing solutions in line with current trends, Pasadena Business Phone Systems is committed to helping your business reach its goals.

In the digital world we live in today, taking advantage of secure remote access has immense potential for businesses looking to reach the next level. Cloud Directory offers an unparalleled solution when it comes to authenticating users and keeping system security uncompromised. With modern IT solutions such as a durable virtual personal network (VPN) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), organizations can be sure that their data is safe and accessible from anywhere, 24/7. This robust set up provides security along with convenience that no other platform in the industry can match! By engaging with Cloud Directory now, you are assured success: limitless success!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers a unique set of advantages for organizations, particularly those with a large remote user base. By utilizing various verification elements to verify identity, such as passwords and biometric information, networks are equipped with an extra line of defense to ensure security. Additionally, MFA provides improved management toolsets that make administration of networks simpler and more efficient. VPN networks benefit especially from the presence of an MFA solution due to its reliable and secure parameter settings that meet even the most complex network requirements. Ultimately, this makes MFA an invaluable tool for organizations that need to protect their data and user base in even highly vulnerable environments.

Cloud Directory is revolutionizing the way businesses manage the security of their data. By offering extensive identity and access management abilities, organizations can ensure the highest levels of digital protection while still allowing authorized users to access corporate resources. What’s more, its implementation process is designed to be quick and easy, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to maximize data security and minimize time and cost spent. With Cloud Directory at their side, organizations have a comprehensive framework for ultimate security that doesn’t have to interfere with other strategic options. In effect, it’s the best of both worlds – gain peace of mind with top-tier protection and keep exploring through new technological routes without hesitation.


As digitalization continues to be a primary driver of businesses today, Remote Access VPNs offer an invaluable advantage to organizations seeking to promote flexible working and protect their network resources. With their ability to ensure secure access to corporate data irrespective of user location, Remote Access VPNs also provide users with advanced features such as anonymous web browsing and give them unlimited access to company resources so they can work without any restrictions on their productivity. Furthermore, when employees need to access data away from the business’s network, these systems will still keep confidential information safe. It is thus essential for commercial entities to utilize these sophisticated systems if they want to thrive in the ever-changing modern world.

Security + MFA

In light of sophisticated and ever-growing cyber threats, organizations must protect their networks’ data with reliable security measures. Utilizing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), businesses can create a secure environment which verifies legitimate users while thwarting malicious activities. Implementing this level of protection yields immense advantages – from heightened user authentication to improved application and data safeguarding against potential intrusions.

Any Device, Anywhere

Digital technology has drastically changed the way organizations protect their assets, transforming them into efficient safety hubs. Directory synchronization provides businesses with an optimal solution that balances speed and protection – capitalizing on secure data access while improving overall productivity. Incorporating this type of tool gives companies assurance that they can withstand any future disruptions and stand tall amongst competitors for years to come!

Efficient Management & Billing

For businesses striving to stay ahead of the competition with reliable, secure solutions, Pasadena Business Phone Systems is at your service. Our range of options – coupled with cutting-edge SD-WAN and security features – provides a tailored experience that optimizes operations without sacrificing quality or price point. Discover how our impressive array of services can help power up your business today!